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Book of the Year Award
Finalist 2013

Book of the Year Award
Finalist 2012

Living Now

Gold Medalist/




Creative Aging: A Baby Boomer's Guide to Successful Living

Cheryl Vassiliadis & Joanna Romer


This book encourages those who are at or nearing retirement to actively plan for the years ahead. Individual stories of Boomers who have learned to flourish after age 50 are showcased, along with productive influences gained from spirituality, health, and "the Woodstock Generation," including how to take inspiration from childhood and young adulthood to reignite; develop a passion for the troisieme age; use creativity to stay happy, healthy and enlightened; and formulate lifestyle plans that match expectations. Activities are provided at the end of each section to help the reader define and make life choices (and changes).

About the authors:


Cheryl Vassiliadis’s writing has appeared in the Daytona Beach News-Journal. Her articles on health and life-style issues, gardening, food, dining, and home design were featured in several Daytona area magazines. As a dancer, she performed with the Fort Wayne Ballet and Southern Ballet Theater. Today, she teachers Tai Chi and Flowing Rhythm dance classes in an active adult community where she resides. Contact the author.


Joanna Romer is the author of Widow: A Survival Guide for the First Year (2012) and its companion book, The Widower’s Guide to a New Life (2014), both published by MSI Press. Her writing has appeared in The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Mademoiselle, and other publications. With her late husband, Jack Milton, she wrote and produced the 1972 feature film, Please Stand By. Romer taught communications in colleges and universities for 16 years and currently lives in Daytona Beach, Florida. Contact the author.


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Review from Library Journal


This timely book, written by Tai Chi instructor Vassiliadis and Romer (Widower's Guide to a New Life), is geared to help those who are at or nearing retirement creatively to plan for their upcoming years. The authors urge readers to reconnect with old hobbies or interests through adult school classes and to discover their spiritual selves via journaling, practicing yoga, or attending church. A particularly thought-provoking chapter answers the question of what people are never too old to do. Answers: walking, praying, experiencing romance, and/or taking a risk. Included are exercises, case studies, and guidelines for choosing a compatible lifestyle.

Verdict: More than a how to, this is a book that opens readers’ minds to possibilities ahead. Uplifting but not essential.  — Deborah Bigelow, Leonia P.L., NJ


Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and select retailers. Distributed by Ingram.


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